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Palm Harbor Law Group, a Business Law Firm, was started 30 years ago. In that time they have provided quality counsel, and sound, cost-effective legal solutions for his clients. Palm Harbor Law Group will continue advocacy for individuals and businesses throughout the Tampa Bay Area. Palm Harbor Law Group focuses on bankruptcy and reorganization, Business Law, and Litigation, as well as other commercial matters.

Palm Harbor Law Group, Palm Harbor Florida, Business Law Firm

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Helping individuals and businesses in the Tampa Bay Area

Mr. Dan Schaffner and his Pinellas County team safeguard clients as they navigate a challenging and ever-changing business environment. Our attorneys help clients achieve goals — whether forming a business in Dunedin, facing bankruptcy in Clearwater or settling a contract dispute in Tarpon Springs.

The Palm Harbor Law Group provides comprehensive and innovative representation in these practice areas:

Successfully serving clients in Florida

The Florida law firm of Palm Harbor Law Group effectively represents individuals and businesses in the cities of Tampa, Clearwater and St. Petersburg, in addition to all of Hillsborough County and Pinellas County.

Safeguarding your business transactions and litigation in Palm Harbor

When you need experienced and skillful legal representation, contact Palm Harbor Law Group to set up a consultation.